Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spring Soccer, 2016

Ben and Luke continue to play soccer. Ben plays primarily mid and Luke plays defense or back. I'm not too sure about the correct title of that position. In any case, I took my big camera with me to a couple of soccer games this Spring and happened to capture similar positions from the brothers. Maybe you can see the resemblance as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prom, 2016

We're going to play catch-up for a while.

Prom 2016. It was a good one. It started with a text to me from Audrey saying that she may or may not be going to prom with Ryan. Okay. Well, since the decision seemed to be made by other friends during an honor band lunch, I suggested that she and Ryan might want to work things out themselves. A few days later Ryan formally asked her to prom with coffee and lattes and such. A dress was donned. A group was gathered. And prom was underway.

This year only a few girls came to the house to get ready. It was a blast as the girls put the final touches on each other. 

 The back of Audrey's hair. 

A rush to Ryan's house for flowers and pictures. It was a rainy day and outdoor pictures were postponed. Here are the girls all dressed up.

Uploading the pictures just now and this is the first I've really seen of the girls' corsages. They are really pretty. We have always gone with flowers from the Chicken Shed here in town. 

Audrey's poppy is darling but delicate. 

Audrey and her date, Ryan. 

Look here. Look at your mom. Everyone, look at me. Group pictures are a little chaotic. The behind the scenes picture is 8 sets of parents and siblings crowded into a small space. 

The night has hardly started and someone is already losing it.

I love these candid pictures I found. Ryan and Matt. (Let's briefly discuss how amazing some high school boys can turn out. Yup.)

And Sara and Audrey. Friends from birth. (Let's discuss our big feelings about lifelong friends. Again, yup.)

Pretty fitting that the group ends up at Burgie's coffee before supper.

Sneaking in this one since last year Bill got the good picture with her.