Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, how I have wanted to have a blog! I have wanted one for quite some time. And now I have one. But I have had to wait. Wait because it was a good thing for me. A cooling off period, you might say, after being enamored by the new shiny object I had found with other people's blogs. I love a new idea! I'm often a jump first, look second kind of person. Bill is not. Did I say it was a good thing for me to wait? It was.

Then in the midst of Christmas break, God really opened my eyes to how I was spending time. I was putting my time into great things, but not highly important things. I was convicted. I gave myself a time out. The phrase that I came out with was Best Energies, Best Affections. Put my best into those things that were really going to matter.

I started focusing. And that became part of the basis for the blog.
Bill and I have a wonderful marriage and three awesome kids- Audrey, Ben and Luke. You are going to hear lots about them. We have family literally all around the world (for the time being). This is partially for them. I want to share what is going on in our lives, work, relationships and the craziness that fills in the gaps.

I hope you enjoy.


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