Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That's how basketball is marked on my calendar. Practice for Ben and Luke is Thursday night back to back and games are on Saturdays, usually just an hour apart. Perfect. They are a part of the Upward basketball league hosted by our church.

We've had quite the fun watching Luke learn the game and seeing Ben develop his skills even more. They've entertained us and the fans who've turned out to cheer them on.

Luke sort of has a fascination with the wrist bands.
He gets along great with every one on the team, including the refs.
He's learning to get back down the floor after a rebound.
Hands up is his best skill.
Ben drives it down the court time...
...after time.
He's a go-getter!

A few fans showed up. 
They took pictures and cheered!
Hanging out between games with Grandma.
At Upward, every game begins with prayer. We think it's a good way to go!


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