Thursday, April 18, 2013

Van Loo Adoption Garage Sale

We are very humbled with the amount of donations for our garage sale! Little did we know a few years ago what God had in store for our family...we thought we were good with Steven and Samantha, then God has brought us Kiana from the Rosebud Indian Reservation through our church ministry, and now He is directing us towards two little ones in Ghana! 
Thank you to all who are supporting us through this journey, whether it is giving stuff for garage sale, sending us a random check, shopping at the garage sale, or simply prayer, we are very encouraged and humbled! 
We look forward to seeing everyone at the garage sale...there are so many things to buy!!!! Come check it out and THANK YOU for helping us!!!

This is from my friend's Facebook page for the garage sale. Tim and Amber have given God their yes over and over as he has placed different kids in their home over the last few years. Now they are giving Him their yes again. This time to adoption in Ghana! 
If you're not busy this weekend, bring some cash and stop by the sale. They'd love to see you.

207 Northpark Blvd, Huxley
Fri. April 19 10-6
Sat. April 20 8-12 


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