Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Rungry Salad/Sandwich

Hey, I didn't give up blogging for Lent, although it seems like it. Thanks for checking in and reading whatever and whenever I throw things on here. 

A what kind of salad? A rungry. It means I'm hungry after running. Even spell check doesn't like the word. 

Let's get to the salad and you don't have to be hungry from running to enjoy it.

Through Pinterest, I came across a pin of a hummus sandwich that looked great. I acquired all the ingredients listed, assembled it and promptly ate it too fast. 

I knew this was a keeper but now I had a little problem, namely my girl, Audrey. She loves red pepper hummus, which is what I use instead of regular, and Granny Smith apples. Okay, she's not really a problem.

Today, I made a one slice version of the sandwich because I had only one slice of bread left. However, when I got to the last bite of it, again much too quickly, I wanted more. And right then and there, I had a brilliant idea- make it into a salad! I didn't really want the bread anyway.

Here's my take on the hummus sandwich heaven recipe

  • spinach or kale torn into salad bites
  • cheese in salad bites- I used pepper jack and give that option a thumbs up
  • other veggies: cucumber, peppers, whatever you want just make them salad sized
  • Granny Smith apple cut up- only used a quarter of an apple
  • dried cranberries
  • hummus- again, I use red pepper hummus- as your dressing
I go in salad spurts. Sometimes I love them and can eat one every day. Other times, I'm not so in love. Like I've said before, sometimes I need the lure of something tasty at the end of my run to get me through my run. This just may be the next new thing. 


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