Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audrey's Sophomore Prom

 I mentioned in my Zumbro pre-race that my race and prom happened to coincide. I didn't mention how Audrey was asked to go to prom a week before we left for our Spring Break skiing trip and how all week long she kept saying we needed to go dress shopping and I kept reminding her that Lutsen doesn't have any formal dress shops and we would have to wait until we got back to go shopping! It was a long week. 

Once we made it back from Lutsen, we made a day to go shopping. We had tried the one consignment shop that sells formal dresses but with such a short time frame, we didn't find anything that would work. A friend mentioned that a formal store was having a sale on dresses so that was our first stop. We looked and pulled all sorts of dresses off the rack and Audrey started trying them on. The first one she stepped out in was so gorgeous- it took my breath away. I poked and prodded and fussed about the fit which was near spot on. Then I looked for the price tag- it took my breath away! In a very controlled manner I asked if this was the price because I wasn't sure if the sale dresses were marked as such or how. The nice sales girl said yes it was but because it was over a certain amount they would be willing to take some money off. I thought "Honey, there is no way your manager is going to take enough off that would convince me to buy this." No other dress Audrey tried on was nearly as great as that one but she said she couldn't even begin to think of spending that much on a prom dress so we drove away. (My sister spent some time online trying to find it at a better price but with no luck.)

We made our way to other stores and tried on more dresses. We had Luke in tow and he was a good sport about the whole thing. After three more stores and two dressing rooms, we had found one that we liked. By that time Luke needed some attention so we refueld with a big pretzel and a drink and Audrey and I discussed what to do next. Should we hit another shopping area or go with this one? We were both really happy with this dress and decided to call it a day; jewelry, shoe and accessory shopping would have to happen another day.

I've talked to several mothers and here is the resounding lament- good and reasonably priced dress shoes are hard to find. Maybe we're not shopping in the right places- leave me a comment as to where you get your best shoes. Maybe we are too picky- she doesn't like an ankle strap, I don't like 4 inch heels. Maybe our/my expectations are too high. This might be true. I've talked with a friend and mentioned maybe Audrey could use these for another dance. She laughed in a knowing way which meant "We always think that but it has never happened." 

Finally the weekend for prom/my race arrived. My mom came down to be with Audrey while the rest of us were gone for my race. My sister arranged for the three of them to get mani/pedi's the night before. A sister of a friend did Audrey's hair, which looked super great. It was braided to the side and then the ends were curled.
She met up with the group her and her date were going with for pictures. After the grand march, they headed out for dinner in Des Moines. By the time they were done with dinner we were home and so Audrey and Rick stopped by to say hi. Then the dance. Then after prom which lasted for the entire night!

She had a lot of fun with her date, friends and the entire evening. So happy for her! 

All these pictures are courtesy of someone else. Thank you.

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