Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hey, yo! Still alive here! 

I tend to do this, don't I? I write a major summary of a race and then I disappear for-ev-er. Yeah, so here's the deal. Post-race write up, I spend a lot of energy recovering and getting brain space back. I'm kind of trashed physically and mentally. And my family still needs me- as in the show still goes on.

It's been a month since my race. I still have all the warm fuzzy feelings about the race. I finally looked at my results yesterday and know that even though I didn't finish where I wanted to I still completed it and I'm not disappointed. When I race a 50k again, I anticipate I will do better simply from the fact that it I've already done one. Its such an exciting feeling. 

Recovering for me this time involved a lot of crying again but this time I knew it was recovery. Surprisingly, it took me almost two weeks to eat and drink somewhat normally. Even though I completed every step of 31 plus miles, I felt like I didn't drain myself to the point where it would so alter my eating but it did. I didn't run for a week. I didn't even feel like running. Finally a week later as I was laying in bed, I realized I needed to run the next day. I did but only went about a mile and a half and took it very easy. Now a month later, I'm running regularly again and I've had a few other changes I've noticed to indicate that I'm even more recovered than I thought.

You may have noticed there is no Living History Farms race report. That's because we- Bill and I- didn't run it this year. I'm running an 8 mile trail race on Saturday and am looking forward to that. Don't hold your breath for a race recap, though.

And that's all I've got for now.


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