Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Goodbye Lucy

This past weekend Ben went to take care of Lucy and found her dead. There were no warning signs. She hadn't seemed sick or in any kind of distress. Her death came as a shock to us all. I've spent time going through pictures of her and think the best way is to share these little snippets of the last year.

Her second most favorite place to be was at Bill's parents' farm. She would hop right into her kennel the moment it was loaded because she knew she was going to the farm. She would spend the next however many days we were there running back and forth from the timber where we rode, wearing herself out. There was no amount of mud or anything else that would stop her until we opened the trailer to load her up to go home and then she would refuse to get in. She will be buried there. 

Oh sweet Lucy. We miss your cute, cute face and your exuberant wagging when you saw us. I'm thankful we got to have you. 


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