Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where did the chicken go when he crossed the road?

To Tuscany to take a bath in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and rosemary!

The other day I thawed out one of the chickens to prepare for supper. I felt it was time. I had a recipe all picked out and ready to go, except for one thing- to cut apart a whole chicken!

Here's what you need:
1. Get a really good sharp sturdy knife. Like the one Grandpa used to use with a worn hickory handle. Make sure it is sharp. I know a guy who will sharpen my knives for me. I traded him an old bike for a lifetime of knife sharpening!
2. A fairly large cutting board. You don't want chicken just laying about. Also a couple of plates or platters to hold whatever.
3. Betty. You need Betty. Betty Crocker! Turn to page 279 and follow the instructions for cutting apart a whole chicken.
4. A sense of humor. You are attempting to do what your grandma used to do all the time and here you are all squeamish.
5. Oh, and you may want to have the phone close by to call your mom or grandma or me for help.

You are going to have to cut through some bones. You are going to have to grab the thigh and pull it back to find the joint and try not to pull the entire thigh bone out leaving the meat attached to the body. (not that I've done that) You are going to have to pop the breastbone out and cut around it. You are going to sweat, cry and holler for your husband to get in the kitchen and help you. 
Once you're done dunk that bird in whatever marinade you like. Then fire up the grill or the oven and cook 'er up. Yum! 
Shelli's chickens, by the way, are very good and very big and meaty. You will want to get one next year!


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