Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Racin'!

Okay, we're still here. I thought when the kids headed off to school I'd have gobs of time to catch up on blogging. Heh! Not yet!

But I must share with you pictures from this weekend's race in Dayton! It had been forever since we had a race! I know! I haven't shared any race pics with you at all this year. (hint- follow me on Instagram and you can catch a few more pics MINDYW23)

Okay, so this past weekend was in Dayton, just a hop, skip and jump from us. So nice to just wake up at a semi-normal time and go. We brought Audrey's friend, Destany, with us because the OMA National riders were going to be there and having a friend along to see cute guys is always better!

Here's Ben with his friend, Max. This is Ben's first year in the 65cc class and Max's last year. Ben's not riding for points this year (at least that's what his dad says but me and Ben are having a hard time accepting that!) but he knows exactly where both Max and he are in the points.

Riding down a big hill

Working through a deep rut at the top of another good climb

Please don't run over the photographer/your mom!

Finishing 6th overall (two spots better than last year)

 Getting autographs from the pro riders

Getting pics with the pro riders- Tisen on the left, Adam on the right (AAAHHH!!!)

So Bill didn't race this one. He wanted to but we just ran out of time to make it work for him and Ben to race, so he sat out. But you can bet he's itchin' to get back out there! So is Bill! *wink*


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