Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Long, Quiet Spell

I know. It's been a terribly long time since I last posted. 
It's summer and somehow sitting at the computer to tap out a post just doesn't happen as easily. Mostly because I need space to think and three+ people home all the time leaves me so little space to think beyond what we might have for supper this week. It's true. (This is also the reason why I love training plans: I don't have to think. I just have to run.)
How this post is possible is because the older two are at camp and Bill and Luke are at the riding park getting in some father-son time.
I'm home alone.

I'm home alone!!

Do you know that when that actually happens for a mother instead of it being freeing it becomes paralyzing. I can do whatever I want! I could write a blog post, catch up on some blog reading, read a book, watch a movie, sort the toys, sort the sock drawer, go for a run, take a shower, paint my nails, paint something crafty, make a few cards, blast my music, eat something tasty, eat many tasty things, take a nap... Where do I start? How many can I get in? 

So here's what I did tonight.

Finished making supper, which was this and ate it while catching up on this blog and listening to this music. (Oh, I don't have a link. It's the Avett Brothers station on Pandora. I personally don't change a thing.)
Cleaned up supper and started the crockpot with this for tomorrow night's supper.

Answered an email about being a maybe someday featured runner (shh! I'm secretly wigging out.) Got on Facebook and updated a friend about another friend (not gossip and I'll someday maybe share the same with you) and tried to encourage another mama 'cause us mamas need encouragement.

Looked through a few photos from the summer and smiled at how much I'm in love with my family. Is that possible? I'm so fill-in-the-blank adjective/explicative blessed! I've had to wade through hard stuff to reap that kind of blessing and perspective and while I'm not jumping at the bit for more, I'll do it.

This quote has resonated with me the last half of this summer more than anything else. It pertains to physical work, but its the work of the soul as well.

This is from "Large Family Logistics" by Kim Brenneman*. Can you read it? 
And what is character? Character is having the ability to see beyond this second in time and to persevere beyond what feels good. It is learning the self-discipline to make your body do more than your feelings want to. It is training the mind to overcome the flesh. It is one thing to read about character in a book and aspire to do hard things. It is another thing to practice it. Practicing character traits happens with work.
It, character, healing, whatever, will not happen if you do not work at it. Of the soul, there is the vastness of grace that surrounds that work and I will not let that be overlooked but you must be willing. A courageous surrender.

So... in case, you didn't catch on, that's now how I planned for this post to go. It spilled out. And now Bill and Luke are back from riding and Audrey and Ben will be back from camp tomorrow so it might be the last post for another month. I'm hoping not though.

*I haven't read this book though this one paragraph entices me. This is from my friend Christy's IG feed. She has a large family and she, my friends, is a woman of valor. 


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