Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Non-Camping Cousins Craft Day

We have had a full summer. Just enough busy. Sitting at the computer has been last on my list. But over the next weeks, I am going to attempt to catch up on all the summer blogging. Cross your fingers that this actually happens. (Also, it could be totally random as to the order.)

The last time I posted, my oldest two were at Kid's Camp that our church holds every year. Need an awesome camp for your kids? Join ours. I had almost a whole evening to myself to think, breathe, put more than two thoughts together. That's why I blogged. 
Anyway... there was a pile of cousins who did not go to camp because they are too young still or in Cora's case, a year too old to be a camper and a year too young to be a counselor. Also, their mama's were helping with apartment turnover time and needed kid care. So I pulled on my aunt hat and had them over for...

Non-Camping Cousins Craft Day

First, we asked Unco Bilw if he could pwease help me wearn how to wide a two-weelwer. 
 And sometimes we let Uncle Bill have a break while consulting about the speed of a two-leg powered tractor.
 Then we dipped glass rims in melted almond bark and coated them with sprinkles. 
 Craft time! Painting wasn't quite as messy as it might have been. Cora helped the girls keep it neat.
While the other kids' canvases dried, Cora taped, painted, and punched out butterflies for her own canvas. She called it abstract art. I called it open ended art. It didn't matter. She used magazine pages for her butterflies...
 While Ariana and Chiara first painted paper with water colors and then punched out butterflies.

In the above picture do you see the box Hullabaloo? We've had that game forever and they play it almost every time they come over. If you've got a set of 8 and under in your house, you should think about getting this. (Sorry, never mind. I just looked it up to link it for you and since they don't make it anymore it costs about $80 on Amazon.)

 Snack time was cookies and milk with the rim-dipped, sprinkled glasses.
 Valor wasn't in on the crafting. His style was more napping and then pulling on Uncle Bill's hand to go "ow" and see "da". He loves Lucy and Lucy loves Valor. The problem is obvious- size. Lucy's tail alone can knock Valor down, so he always needs some assistance (i.e. Uncle Bill)
 Park time.
Sadly, I don't have final pictures of the kids' crafts. The girls' butterfly canvases were super fun. The boys painted theirs, then taped a pattern on the dried canvas and then painted in the blank spots. Those also turned out pretty great. 

Butterfly canvas inspiration here.
Taped canvas inspiration here.
My canvas Pinterest board here.
Milk and cookies inspiration here.

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