Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running, Singing and General Festing

This past weekend was our town's celebration, PrairieFest. The whole town comes out to run races, enjoy the parade, jump on inflatables, pick a winner in the frog jumping contest, watch various acts going on the at the amphitheater. And in the case of this past weekend, sweat. A town that sweat's together... No?

No matter the temperature, a bunch of us toed the starting line at 7:30 am Saturday morning and hit the streets for either a 5K or 10K. I ran the 10K and my best time ever but my mind (and another part of my body) did give out at the end, so I had a little break down afterwards. A sweet friend pep talked me afterwards and I really appreciated her words. During the race, Bill cheered me on throughout and when I rounded the corner near my house, my three kids were parked in the driveway eating their cinnamon crunch bagels. (I didn't make cinnamon rolls this year and Ben was NOT happy about that!) When I got home, the boys asked me how I did and I told them I had a good race but I didn't place. They were kind of shocked. They aren't used to that. They didn't know what to say. :)

I showered up, grabbed some food and we headed to the parade where Audrey marched with the band and Ben waved from the soccer club's float. Luke stood on the side and snagged as much candy as humanly possible for a 7 year old. We were at the end of the parade route so that is a lot of candy!

Later in the afternoon we braved the heat one more time for the talent show. Audrey and her friend, Teddie, put together a five song set for it. They sang wonderfully. 

I included two of the five songs here. You can watch all of them on my YouTube channel. (It's so weird to say I have a YouTube channel.)

It's very informal and obviously the little kids love to sit up real close, which I love. I think outdoor concerts, for the most part, should be fun. Also, it was ninety billion degrees so no more stuffiness was needed.

The boys came along and they were sort of okay with it, especially when they got giant snow cones. 

We're looking forward to what the girls might do with their singing and to next year's PrairieFest. Maybe you can join us.


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