Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Mother Runner Featured Runner

Friends and readers, I'm pretty excited to share with you that today I am the featured runner on Another Mother Runner!!! You'll have to head on over to read it all. I think there are some things you still don't know about me and my running.

I'm really humbled to be asked to be a featured mother runner. It was a secret "Oh, I wish I could be awesome like those mothers and someday be chosen." And while I don't think I'm awesome like those women, here I am. (Ok, ok. I'm clap my hands real fast, slightly skipping excited.)

It was, probably of no surprise to you, hard for me to answer those questions in one hundred words or less. I felt like some answers were more vague than I wanted them to be. I guess that's why it's really just a feature of a runner, not a full blown biography.

And that's why you're here, too. So hello! Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. I'm really glad you did.

For my new mother runner friends, I'd love it if you said hello and told me about yourself. Also, of all my other social media accounts, my Twitter account is where I do most of my run chatting. It's along the lines of "how many layers does 25 degrees, feels like 2 degrees call for?" or other run stuff but occasionally there will be something about parenting or other life thing. On here it's more of a this is my life in which I happen to run. 

What else do you want to know? If you look over at the labels cloud on the right of my page, you'll see the label "run". You can discover that me crying during a race or run is NBD or why I have an affinity for pumpkin pie but only in other towns.

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook/Twitter that I was going to go for my longest run ever- 13 miles. I got lots of virtual cheering, which really did help me. I also got some questions to why 13 miles. My races this fall are mostly 10 mile races. The 25k I hoped to do filled up faster than I anticipated and the registration is closed. I decided to use the Train Like A Mother Half-Marathon Own It training plan. It definitely gets me over the 10 mile mark many times and will hone my speed. It also creeps up to 15 miles for the longest run which happens to be a 25k so it will break that mental barrier for the future. Even now, with that 15 miler still weeks away, I'm thinking "That's just 2 more miles. No big deal." (Except for the hydration/nutrition thing- that's a big deal.) I did a little extra at the end of my 13 and made it 13.1 so now I have run a half marathon distance. Nope I don't have a t-shirt or medal or any finish line photos. Ok by me. I think one has to make their own goals. Mine are just on the wonky side- 15k's, 10 miles, 25k's, maybe someday a 50k- but they're mine. (I'm akin to the K's.) Oh, also I switched my long run to Tuesday because I'm running the 10k Huxley's PrairieFest race this Saturday and I wanted to get both in. 

Do you want to see more of that gorgeousness that is the Superior Hiking Trail?  Me, too!
Tomorrow I'll write more about my most favorite recent run. But for now, here's another peek.

Who feels like running?

I feel like I should clarify that neither me nor my family follow the Paleo diet. I've alluded to it a couple of times now and linked to a few Paleo recipes we've had (shh, don't tell the kids), but we aren't. We are very much for lots of whole foods. Less processed is the direction I'm headed but if you wave a bag of BBQ chips in my face, it's kryptonite to me. I make a mean scone and my sugar/snickerdoodle cookies have been featured at more than one gathering. Also, I like meat. Oh wait, that is Paleo!!

I'm also behind on race recaps and I will try to jam those in here sometime soon before the fall races start up. 


  1. Love your blog! Used train like a mother for my 1st half in this past March. Look forward to reading your posts.
    Sarah in NC.

  2. Just read about you on the Another Mother Runner missive of the day and had to come check you out. I am in MN and will be heading up to Superior to volunteer for the fall race series. I have done a fair number of (slow) road half marathons but have just recently discovered the world of trail running and am loving it. I too am contemplating the 25k at Superior in spring of 2014 :) I can't wait to dig in and read more (when I'm not at work)


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