Friday, October 4, 2013

Always On the Go

Audrey. Sophomore year. Fall. Growing up. 

Let's all come to an understanding that no one stays in band nor joins marching band for the uniforms. She's in it for the fun, the music, the friends.

Explanation of uniforms: both girls are in the correct marching band attire; boy on left is in the correct marching band drum major attire; boy in suit and crown is in the correct Homecoming king attire, except he forgot to grab his mouthpiece, which is why he is smiling and pretending to play. (Audrey got his solo that night. It was two notes. I didn't notice.)

Ames Homecoming, '13. Same group of friends as last year, different boy. New dress, though. You may notice he doesn't have a flower. I dropped the ball on that one. Do either of them care? He thinks they're uncomfortable; she thinks they're kind of stupid. Win- win! 

Very shadowy on the faces. We were fighting daylight, late arrivals, hungry boys and high heels. It all worked out.


Homecoming date from last year. Is it weird that they also match? 

I have an announcement: Audrey has her school permit!!...!

She'll be driving herself to musical practice now!

I'm not sad or scared at all!!


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