Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 

I don't think it's too late to wish you good tidings. I'm squeezing it in under the "I haven't put away my Christmas decor yet" deadline, although the tree is already out because you know, fire hazard and all.

Here's how we celebrated in 2014.

I commissioned Audrey to do the chalk art. Didn't she do a lovely job? Take note: washi paper tape is not strong enough to hold a strand of seven vintage ornaments. The three big bells did not survive the fall. 

We spent the day before Christmas playing games and decorating cookies and generally having a good time. All that was missing was opening gifts. My Sour Cream Cookies are a must at Christmas. It pretty much goes like this: no sour cream cookies, no Christmas. The same is true for Valentine's Day so grab the recipe now.

For the past two years my side of the family has celebrated at Adventureland Inn. We all get rooms (gifted to us by my mom), bring in our supper and hang out for an evening. This picture wasn't even posed! They were all climbing on each other's back so I told them to look at me and it only took two shots to get it. I know! It's a Cousin Christmas Miracle!!

 We headed to Texas to celebrate with Bill's family. We spent the days talking, putting together puzzles, playing games, playing non-stop air hockey and foosball (Ben, all day long), going on walks (and runs), worshipping, visiting the Gainesville Zoo, and stopping at a motorcycle store. They were thrilled to see a pile of people come through the door but unfortunately, we left them sorely disappointed as we didn't purchase a thing. 

The day we visited the zoo was the only day I pulled out my big camera and as it turns out was the day my niece came down with a fever so she and my sister-in-law are missing. However, I mentioned that Tayla might like a Capybara and now I need to see if Amazon sells them. 

Part of the zoo has an elevated walkway to watch the animals from above. It was fun to see zebras, camels, kangaroos and more all in a large space.

This reminds me that I should direct you to Denise's blog The Animal Bridge. She and Roy traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti for week and a half. I think you might enjoy reading their stories but beware, However, I must warn you, Denise is a vet. Vets are very used to looking at animal wounds and such and marvel at them. They also take pictures of them and naturally think the rest of the world is enamored by such things. It's not really that bad but I feel it my duty to warn you there are some slightly grody pictures. 

We are thankful for our families and God bringing us together for another year of celebrating Him. 
Lucy loves everyone. And this beanbag. 

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