Sunday, March 20, 2016

Working on Work

Hey, there! Audrey happened to mention the other day that my last post was in 2015. Yes, I know. I know!! Can someone stop this crazy train so I can blog? No? Fine. Again, I make no promises or guarantees. I'm here now and being in the present, the here, the now is a big theme these days so let's just roll with it. (P.S. I really hate giving that little speech over and over again. This might be my last apology.)

Well, stuff has been happening over here. It turned into a whole new year a couple months ago, however before I catch you up with stories and pictures, I wanted to share my word of the year. My word for last year was engage. It always amazes me that a word pops into my head and heart and I can be reminded to look for it and seek it out throughout the entire year. I never had a face to face confrontation with a crazed waiting in line customer but I don't count that as a failure. I looked for it, prayed for it and God showed me engagement in friendships and relationships. 

This year the word that comes to mind is work. It could be that since Audrey is graduating and there will be a party here, I know that I will have to put some hustle into some projects. It could be that for me to get to the next level of running will require me to dig in and put some major work down. It could be that some outstanding projects from last year required me to buckle down and finish them up since many people were relying on me and to not finish them would be disastrous. But I think, more deeply, the reason for the word work is that I constantly find both in people and in myself the strong draw of the easy, quick fix, minimal work solution. It is what I want in pretty much every situation. 

Don't you? I mean, there are lists of life hacks and quick fixes and lists of 2-5 ingredient recipes and 24.37 days of the best moves for the awesomest abs and for dropping twenty pounds and six phone apps for being the best Christian ever. I've seen, read, torn out of magazines and downloaded them. Don't get me wrong. There's (mostly) nothing wrong with them but what it boils down to in the end, when all the shiny newness has worn off is work. You still have to do. 

That's just a macro-look at things but there are so many smaller choices I make that are really just lazy. I'm asking the Lord to show me where I need to choose work over avoidance. Since I like to swallow things whole, I tend to take on the whole universe and try to champion it and in return feel overwhelmed and then run even further away. I don't really have a plan for that other than to recognize that that is my tendency and then to start chipping away at the pieces right in front of me.  

I am in constant progress but I am not dissatisfied with who I am and want a whole new me. From time to time, I am swayed from that truth and then am easily suckered into looking for the new trick to get me right again. My confidence, hope and salvation are found only in Christ and His saving work. This is the "anchor for my soul". From there, I work.   

"Sheesh", you say, "So deep." Well, I have had a couple months already to think about it and look for it. This might be the first and last time you hear about my word of the year but just know, I'm working on work. 

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  1. "I'm asking the Lord to show me where I need to choose work over avoidance." Ugh, yes. I'm an excellent avoider- you might say it's a gift- and it's something I've been working on for some time. I like the thought of work over avoidance. Something for me to noodle over.


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