Friday, March 10, 2017

Confessions and Victories

Confession- Stacked away in my basement are ten years worth of Martha Stewart magazines, the latest dating almost ten years ago. I loved getting the magazines and reading them and baking from them and gardening and crafting and homemaking from them. Martha Stewart was Pinterest and everything else before anyone else. And I saved them- moving them 4 times. 

Victory- I parted with 3 years worth of running magazines. 

Confession- I fear cleaning up my Pinterest boards and deleting things I’ll never do. 

Confession- I’ve had a lengthy conversation with others about what to do with leftover party supplies. I’ve invented parties for others or myself to have to use up said supplies. 

Victory- I got rid of some stuff. It was sitting in my garage- a large box and a bag of clothes waiting for me to take it somewhere. It didn’t even matter where, it only needed to go. I opened a few cupboards, raided a bookshelf and threw 10 more things in the box. I took it somewhere.

Confession- I found three food containers with mold growing on the contents in my fridge today.

Victory- I tossed those items out.

Confession- A large bunch of kale is haunting me from the crisper drawer. 


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