Monday, March 13, 2017

Failure to Rest

Since I decided to go ahead and run the 50k race sick with lungs half functioning and some sort of infection brewing in my ears, I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to recover. A real goal I wrote for last week was to Get Better. 
  • Go to church but do not shake hands, do not sing, have your son serve you bread during communion and mostly try not to let on you are sick. 
  • Finally admit to yourself you really are sick. You came to this realization during the 31 miles you covered on Saturday but by Monday you just want to quit life. 
  • Confess to your mom you are sick and that you ran sick and that no, you never do listen. Assure her she does not need to come down and stay with the boys because there are still pizza rolls in the freezer.
  • Listen to your nieces’ piano lessons and decide they sound good enough this week. You mostly want to take a nap while they work out tricky rhythms laced with quarter notes, half notes and quarter rests. 
  • Go to the chiropractor on Wednesday and tell him you are dumb. He says he’s impressed with your determination and while you listen and appreciate his encouragement, you still mostly think you are dumb.
  • Spend a lot of time in bed and in pajamas. Wonder when the best time is to wash the pajamas because you do not want to be without them. 
  • Decide that this is the week you’ll finally start Gilmore Girls. 
  • Notice that The Great British Baking Show is also on Netflix and while Lorelei is always going to be a mess, pastries and sponges are the real deal. This becomes a nightly favorite for you and the boys because there is competition. 
  • Text your sister regularly with your death prognosis. She says to chill out and rest because you ran 31 miles sick and these things take time. 
  • Continue to text your sister regularly with your death prognosis. 
  • Text your friends and tell them that while you’ve been resting you also painted Luke’s room. Have them point out your failure to rest. 
  • Lose your patience with the boys. 
  • Buy them pizza and then force them to watch another new to you show- Fixer Upper. You’re watching a lot of tv- the most you’ve watched in a long, long time.
  • Discover that skipping through commercials and being able to go from one episode to the next immediately is how everything should be watched.
  • Fall asleep immediately when Supercross starts. This makes the third week in a row that you’ve missed it. 
  • Have some tiny meltdowns all week long. 
  • Lose your sense of humor. 
  • Eat weird things because your taste buds and sense of normal eating are all messed up. 
  • Drink tea. 
  • Despise tea because tea is not coffee.
  • Have your friends worry about you and implore you to go to the doctor. 
  • Have your sister tell you- Go to the doctor already! 
  • Wonder if you should shower before you go and is it acceptable for an adult to go to the doctor in pajamas. 
  • Go to the doctor.
  • Tell her you ran a 50k sick. 
  • Get diagnosed with bronchitis.


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