Friday, December 10, 2010

Luke is in the Bible

Aunt Jessica took care of Luke Thursday night while we went to the production. Luke had brought his little Gideon's New Testament Bible, courtesy of Grandpa Ward, along with him. Here's the conversation exchange between Luke and his aunt.

AJ: "Luke, share your Bible."
L: "No he's (Athan) just interrupting me."
AJ: "Luke, you don't know how to read, so I think it's ok that Athan looks at it with you."
L: "No."
AJ: "You need to share or I'm going to put it in my pocket."
L: "Well, I just know it's mine because my name is in it. See look here (opens it to the table of contents and points to his name), it is L-U-K-E."
AJ: "Yes, I see that, but you still need to share."


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