Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mid Day Mess

It's middle of the day, some day after Christmas. I don't exactly know the day or date because we aren't in the middle of our regular schedule. There is no school to keep track of, I have no lessons going on right now to help me know the date, etc. I'm lost in Christmas break. I called our neighbor kids to have the bring in our trash can after the garbage truck came by since we were going be gone and got a call the next day from them asking if our trash was picked up on Monday or Tuesday. It's Tuesday, but I thought the day I called them was Tuesday. I'm so confused.
Outside it is warm for winter and the snow is melting. Bill is washing the mud off the motorcycles since he never got that done before it turned cold. It just feels off. 
Inside, it's a Christmas mess. Garbage sacks full of ripped off papers still sit in the living room.  Gifts lay strewn about, played with until the next party. Socks scattered into corners as new ones were unwrapped and immediately worn. Bits of cookies are mashing themselves into the rugs. The entry bench holds a yellowing sock snowman, a discarded clarinet, and everyone's Christmas cards, still to be postaged and sent. Downstairs, 100 Nerf darts have littered the floor like a large scale version of Battleship. The kitchen has given up. It would like a little break from the cookie bake-off. I know that the flour sack towel hanging from the oven door is really a little white surrender flag. I feel your pain.

I'm not really complaining. Somehow I think it will make me feel better to take a few pictures of it all and blog about it before I set to cleaning it up. That's what bloggers do, right?

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  1. It makes me feel better to know it's not just my house that's moaning and messy. I haven't taken down a single Christmas decoration, so I know it's going to get worse before it gets better. Oh my...getting the tree out the door, such a BIG mess!


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