Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Christmas

I'm getting caught up with Christmas pics. Enjoy!

V was leaving to go back to SD the Thursday before Christmas, so we had a little Christmas for her before she left. This is pretty much the best picture of the crew, their "goofy" picture.
 V was surprised with her gifts. She swore to me she knew if I had her presents or not. Hah! I bought these fuzzy socks right in front of her! 
Aunt Denise flew in on Thursday from Seattle and stayed at our place for a few days. One Christmas, a few years ago, she introduced the kids to almond bark covered pretzels, so who better to help them make them?
After the Christmas Eve service at church, the kids opened one gift. Jammies, of course. Starting next year, Santa needs to alternate summer and winter jammies. ;)
 Then Bill read a new book, Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkley Breathed. And (sniff) it was a good one.
The boy loves his puppies. Puppy jammies, stuffed puppies surrounding him, a puppy calendar.
 Like what you got, Audrey?
 He like his gifts, too!
 Finale... winning an ebay auction for a new motorcycle for Ben. (Joe: 2008 KTM 65 XC for the rest of us: an orange bike)

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