Monday, January 24, 2011

S’mores Quesadillas

It was cousin day here again this Friday. I didn’t have time to go all out this time around. The kids played with Hot Wheels tracks and marble runs. But I did manage to have a fun snack. I found this snack while staying at my sister-in-law’s, Tia, mom’s house last Christmas. Follow that? I snatched it from a barbeque cookbook Rosalie had on her shelf. I don’t remember the name of the cookbook or the author. The recipe name is also mis-leading.

This is confusing. Let’s get on to the fun snack.

Smores Ingredients

See the ingredients? Honey teddy grahams, chocolate bars, mini mallows and flour tortillas.

Heat a tortilla in a pan, adding the chocolate first, then mallows, then the grahams. When the chocolate has started to melt and the mallows start getting puffy and soft, fold the top over. That’s it!

In the Pan

You could use one tortilla and place the ingredients only on one side and fold over. Or you could use two tortillas and add a top but then you would have to flip it over to heat the second tortilla. I think flipping tortillas is a messy, complicated job, so I opted for the first version.

On the Board

Cora helped me make them. What do you think, Cora?

Smore Cora

Your thoughts, Gavin?

Smore Gavin

Yep. Yummy.


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