Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best Gig

So you’ve been reading over the past year about my nieces and nephews and the crazy fun we have together. I won’t recount them to you, but if you look over on the right and click the we are family tag, you can get all caught up on how much I love ‘em.

I think being an aunt is the best gig. Of course, I haven’t been a grandma yet (and I’ll patiently wait) and from what I can observe from the grandmas in my life, I’ll be just as nuts, psycho, overjoyed as they were. But I’m an aunt and that’s pretty awesome.

And guess what? I’M GONG TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!!!


My sister, Beth!!! In August!!!

So now this post will be in two parts: 1) How, I, the older sister, knew my sister was pregnant before she told me (thus making me the all-knowing older sister) and 2) How this pertains to this blog (beyond because it’s mine and my life).

This is how I knew Beth was pregnant before she told me.

Back in December, I asked Beth a question and she gave a weird answer. Then I asked her if she was pregnant and she answered “I don’t know”.  An older sister never forgets odd answers and though I never pursued it further, I kept that tucked away for later. (You never know when you will need to use that kind of stuff.)

A few weeks back, Beth mentioned that some kind of food just sounded so yummy (filing away more weird info).

THEN, three weeks ago, Luke and I stopped unexpectedly at her house to hang out for a while. We weren’t hardly even out of the car when Beth pops her head out the front door and declares she and the girls are leaving. She has a doctor’s appointment and we have to leave. SLAM! Uh, ok. C’mon sisters. Your sister tells you all her doctor’s appointments from the miniscule “I took the kids into the doctor because they weren’t fighting with each other and I was pretty sure they had a virus” all the way up to “the female issues” and everything in between. If your sister said she had a doctor’s appointment and then was not forthcoming with the reason, you would assume the exact same thing, wouldn’t you? I thought so. I went home that night and told Bill I thought Beth was pregnant.

Then nothing. Silence. You don’t really press.

But I couldn’t stand it. So last Monday, Beth, Jess and I took all the kids sledding and while we were standing around, I looked at her directly and ask her if she had any news to tell us. “No. Well, I guess Winston did get promoted at work.” Me- “Really? That’s all? Nothing else?” Her- “No”. Me- “Okay. Fine.” I mean that’s great and all, Winston, congratulations, but that’s not what I was hoping to hear. I let it go (on the outside!). You know how you have to be careful around these things.

Last week, Beth calls to say she and the girls are coming down for a while and she’s stopping by DQ, do I want anything. Me (feigning non-interest)- “Oh, just get a chocolate cone for Luke, nothing for me.” La de dah, skippity dee. I totally know she’s pregnant! She’s just got to be! Who else craves ice cream at 11:30 am?!! Who else craves it above all else- purposely going out of their way to get it?!

Well, Chiara and Ariana got to break the news to me. Mostly Ariana because Chiara was having a hard time remembering what the “present” was (she started with chocolate ice cream and that she’s got teeth; 2 1/2 year olds are adorable). I jumped up and down. I screamed! I jumped up and down and danced around. The girls thought Aunt Minny was funny!

I was right! I was right! I text Bill and he said “You nailed that one.” Oh, who cares about Beth now. It’s all about how me, the older sister, was right!!! Yay, I’m going to be an aunt again!

How this pertains to the blog.

The other day Beth and I were having lunch together and she told me that they were asking Chiara what was in Mommy’s tummy. Chiara’s answer was a giraffe. Babies in mommies tummies are the farthest thing from a 2 1/2 year old’s mind, especially one who is fascinated with having teeth and others having teeth. I laughed, saying Beth has to write these things down. Then, in yet another moment of being the ever great older sister, said that I would write them down; that I would blog about that cute little snippet. Instantly I realized I MUST blog about Beth’s new baby!

I have yet to come up with an appropriate tag label so you can follow along, so for now it will just go under the we are family category. I’ll take suggestions though. It’s going to be fun! 


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  1. Well yeah for being an aunt again! So, I've had the fun of asking someone when they were due....and they hadn't even told anyone yet! :)


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