Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She Came Over

I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Her name is Amanda. She is another blogger and this is how we met.

Almost every week at church we take time at the beginning of the service to greet others beside us and I met her and her husband, Micah. That’s about all there is time for. But after the service they struck up a conversation with me. For some reason that day, only Ben was in the service with me and as his typical self, the faster we get out of large crowds, the better. In between all his tugging and demanding that we leave, I discovered that Amanda used to go to Iowa Weslyan College in Mt. Pleasant (which is near Bill’s home and where his mom used to work). I then learned that she was a music major (vocal) and then that she was a blogger. Triple exciting. Ben was being a huge pain and I mentioned jokingly to them to seriously consider before having kids. They were all like, haha and I said I was joking. I go home and check out Amanda’s blog and discover that she has a section on infertility. Um, open mouth- insert foot. IMMEDIATELY I called her and apologized profusely!! I really was joking but having gone through a couple years of infertility myself, I knew how painful it was. She forgave me. And we’ve been friends ever since. Sort of- a few emails, and random meetings at church again. (and I’ll never say anything like that again!)

Then the other day when I was working on all the Christmas pictures, I went over to Facebook to comment about how long Blogger took to upload pictures. Amanda hopped on and said that I should use Windows Live Writer because it was so much faster. I barely know how to make the header at the top of my blog and so I suggested we get together so she could show me this new fangled program. So she did! She came yesterday to make her focaccia bread for me and show me the blogging light. So if you were on around 11:30ish yesterday you may have noticed funny things going on. Pictures of a Paris café showing up, then not. We were experimenting.

From what Amanda tells me, WLW let’s me do all my picture adding, linking and formatting in a much bigger space and I can see it all on my screen. Blogger (though free) gives you a tiny window to do all those things and then you have to preview it, etc. Also, you have to pretty much be online with Blogger. Not so, with WLW. You can do all that stuff, then publish it and then BAM! it’s done! Or so Amanda says. I’ve got big expectations and I’m leading you to believe the same. I don’t know though. Does anyone else use WLW? What do you think?

It’s all random here. Who knows what you’re gonna get, right? One day I’m writing about a recipe that you really should try, then next about something Luke said, then off I go off for a week about music stuff, meanwhile, you’ve only read about Bill’s cabinets once and you wonder if he even exists anymore. Then I go on about some personal reflection stuff and really all you want is to see more pics of the kids!

Where were we? Oh yeah, Amanda. Well, she is a blogger who writes about vegan food. I can’t admit to having tried any of her recipes, yet. But her focaccia that we had yesterday was good. The fam all enjoyed it along with lasagna for supper. We didn’t take any pictures of our time together (that’s weird- bloggers take pictures of everything!) mostly because we were getting to know each other. Today she starts a job in Des Moines teaching music to middle-schoolers. She’s a bit nervous. I would be too. But I know she’ll do great and it sounds like she has a lot of support from the staff. If you stop by her blog, give her an encouraging word.

Amanda, I’m glad you came over yesterday. This is my very first post using WLW and it has been nice to see everything. Your focaccia was good and I would suggest dipping it in olive oil as you eat it. I’ve been thinking about you all day and hoping 1) that you made it up and got to work on time and 2) that the kids all love you (and love music Winking smile). I’ve been praying for you and Micah as you journey through life together. God has not allowed difficulties in your life to bring you down but to draw you to Him, to his love, forgiveness and grace in all things. I hope that we will be able to get together again soon.


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