Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mindy's Family Christmas

Don't you want to have Christmas with these cuties? (Audrey took the pictures)

We went to my sister's house with my side of the family for lunch Christmas day. After lunch it is present time. It is mass chaos. You get to open your present as soon as you get it. 11 cousins. Multiple gifts. Paper everywhere. Presents buried beneath mounds of paper. Fun!
We usually draw names and this year we just exchanged kid gifts. Then there is always the "extra" gifts. One year my mom got the boys these tremendously noisy trucks and now she thinks it is her duty to buy one obnoxious toy for the kids every year. One year, my sister Beth and her husband, Winston, thought marshmallow popper guns would be perfect. We were finding little green foam balls for months after! 
Okay, I contribute to it also. :) 2 years ago: giant plastic light saber swords that reverberated when you hit them. Last year: whoopee cushions. Hilarious!!!! This year: goofy face glasses. 

Then you can't keep 11 kids cooped up for too long, so outdoors they went for sledding and a snowball fight.

Athan, coming in so soon?

 Luke, you look a mite cold. Want to come in?

Other pics
Aunt Jessica with her camera (that's exactly like mine except for that new fill flash and that she knows what she's doing)

Audrey and Cora. These two are cousins but more like sisters. They are the oldest in their families with a mess of boys behind them. They just sat in a corner and giggled over their gifts. And were goofy.


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