Monday, May 21, 2012

It’s Race Time

Has the wait been as long for you as it has for us?

I knew it! You’ve been like us- reading all the forum info on the upcoming races, planning the cooler menu, losing your riding gloves, fine tuning your bike, taking it out for one last practice after school, making breakfast burritos, charging the camera battery…

Well, the wait ended yesterday. The first race for this family was at Brooks, IA.

Ben is now racing with a bigger bike- a 65 (which has to do with the size of the pistons) and so he raced in a different race than last year with his buds. He got a pretty good start off the line and rode smooth and consistent. He only had one fall and finished 4th out of 10.

My pictures of him are all blurry. I’m not sure why except I was managing Luke and Lucy and didn’t take time to fiddle with the settings on the camera. Or we could say Ben was just so fast that no camera or lens could capture him! SmileDSC_0721

We brought Lucy with us. She was all about the dirt and sticks and smelling new things but not so much about the bikes and noise. My mom suggested doggy earplugs. Do they make such a thing? I don’t even want to Google it.DSC_0737DSC_0722

Bill is racing with the same bike but new goggles!! Open-mouthed smile Ok, it’s true about the goggles but those don’t really matter. He is racing in a different class though- the B class- which is a faster class than the C he was racing last year. He also got a good start considering that there were a lot of B riders to get through and finished 14th for Senior B (senior is an age category and B is the skill category).


Yay for race day!!



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