Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Luke’s Kindergarten

This kiddo is finishing up kindergarten. He’s loved almost every minute of it. His class got to sing some songs, recite some poems and share some of their latest projects with us parents at a recent open house.

I think he’s sharing a joke here- one of his favorite things to do.

Luke's Open House 1

This is the game board he made using all found materials. It’s a racetrack. Those black spots are the bridges you get to cross if you land on the orange spots and then roll a two. 

Luke's Open House 2

This is his fish he painted solid orange. I can only assume it’s KTM orange. He gave no explanation.

Luke's Open House 3

Mrs. Campbell has been the right kindergarten teacher for Luke this year. We are really grateful for her.

Luke's Open House 4

Also, the entire kindergarten took a trip to the Des Moines zoo. I didn’t take my camera or even take any pictures with my phone. We had great weather and my group was pretty well behaved.

We did a Mother’s Day paper titled Present and Past together. Here are our answers.

Favorite toy: Luke’s- his race cars; Mine- my teddy bear

Favorite subject in school: Luke’s- PE; Mine- music

Favorite game: Luke’s- his game board he made; Mine- Battleship

He also gave me a marigold for Mother’s Day, which we planted in one of the flower beds. He was so excited and so secretive about it. When he came home from school he said that I couldn’t look in his school bag. Later I asked if his bag shouldn’t be tipped over and he said no, it shouldn’t. Amazingly, the marigold came out just fine. Smile




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