Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey Girl

This is for my girlfriend, Amanda. In the last two weekends she has run the Dam to Dam race in Des Moines and the Chicago Half. She’s had stellar races, even though the Chicago was H-OT! I am so proud of her.

We started being friends because had blogging and music in common. Now we also have running. We call each other to obsess chat about anything from our mile splits, our workout hydration, gels, gu’s, chomps, wearing a heart rate monitor jammed up under our sports bras, hills, weather, shoes, knees, and more. Mostly we encourage each other. Just a few weeks ago her knee was giving her the fits and she ended walking the rest of one work-out. I think I helped her out in her distress. If anything, I listened. About that same time I had just signed up for a 12 week training plan, got really busy with other stuff, came down with a weird cold and was pretty sure I would be sucking wind for the next 12 weeks. She helped me chin up and just get out and run again.

So, Amanda, this is for you! I’m so proud you accomplished your goal! 

Follow the link

If you don’t get those you’re probably not a runner. That’s ok.

If you do get them but haven’t run as far as Amanda, that’s ok, too. Seriously.


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