Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Won!

I was debating about sharing this right away, but since my daughter already has it up on her FB status and it really is cool thing, I’ll just share it with you right now… ‘cause I’m so excited!!!!

I won a blog makeover!!!

I know, I know. For all you non-bloggers you are probably thinking “Oh for goodness gracious! What in the world?!” and other such things.

For you bloggers and blog readers, well I hope you’re a little excited for me.

When I decided to start blogging, I was more smitten with the idea of just sharing things from my life. Then I started poking around a bit and noticed that some blogs looked different than others. You can do all sorts of things like backgrounds, font stuff, favicons (that’s the little Facebook, Twitter symbols), buttons, etc. And I sort of got itchin’ to make my blog look different. But messin’ around with blog stuff requires time and tinkerin’ and I can barely change my header and html is not my second language. So I decided I’ll just make do with what I had.

But I could still enter giveaways and contests… Smile

So I did over at Rebecca Cooper’s Simple As That blog. AND I WON!!! It was hosted by her and the makeover is going to be done by Kate at 17th Avenue Design Studio!!


That’s really long winded so far, but here’s how I found out…

Bill and I went on a short run. The kids were home minding themselves and I guess my phone rang just a minute before we walked in the door. Ben told me my phone had rung but that Audrey wouldn’t let him answer it. Audrey said it was Angie that had called. I’m a little sweaty, out of breath and needing some water and sustenance but I pick up my phone anyway. I decide not to call Angie back until I’m all in my right when I see a text come through from her- “OMG! OMG! U won a blog makeover from Rebecca Cooper!!!! Did u know???”

No, I did not know!!!!!!! (I have been busy with summer and haven’t gotten to much blog reading lately. And thanks Angie or I would have never known!)

So here I am juggling a glass of water, reading the text, screaming to the fam, opening my computer, calling Angie back!!!

I get on with Angie about the same time my computer screen pulls up to Simple As That, she’s talking to me, I’m in a little disbelief, I scroll down the page (Queensland, Aussie looks fab, btw) when all of the sudden I see my name on the screen! “Oh my gosh! I won!” I’m yelling and dancing and talking a mile a minute to Angie and my family all at the same time. It’s like when Wilbur won at the county fair (Charlotte’s Web) the way we were behaving!!!

Audrey is snapping pictures of my computer screen and updating everyone’s FB status, Luke’s happy dancing around and kissing people and jumping into my arms, Ben comments on how boring it is, Bill says its great and gives me hugs and kisses. All very normal around here. Smile 

So now I’m waiting to hear from Rebecca and Kate to get started, or whatever happens next. I don’t know ‘cause this has never happened to me before!!!


I know Kate from 17th Avenue Design Studio is having a 20% custom design blog sale until June 22. So if you’re interested, pop over there and say hi!!


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