Monday, July 2, 2012

I Was in Seattle, Okay?

So, I sort of dropped off the blogging planet last week. Sorry ‘bout that. You already know, but I was in Seattle. I planned to blog from there but I didn’t crack open my laptop once!

The reason for my visit was to take care of my sis-in-law, Denise. She has been dealing with back pain for several years. She had tried many ways of healing but ultimately she had to have surgery. Thankfully, she’s got two big brothers who love her lots and watch out for her and were willing to send their wives out to Washington to help her. SmileSo up I packed… actually, it took 4 people, 3 different bags and 2 sweatshirts before I was packed… and headed out to Seattle. (It’s probably Tia’s turn next and nothing against Tia, but we are all hoping that there isn’t a next time.)

Once I got to Seattle, I found a very in-pain SIL. Denise was in bed, on her back. Of course, it was late but as it turns out, laying down was the only way to go. Standing, only as absolutely necessary- let the dog out, go to the bathroom, grab a bit of food and another ice pack. No sitting whatsoever!! Getting into a friend’s SUV to lay down on her tummy for the ride into the hospital brought tears. Filling out paper work at admissions- excruciating. Finally at one point, I cleared a spot on the waiting room floor and told her to lay down. The secretary objected saying it wasn’t very clean- I didn’t care. Denise was laying down and we’d deal with the germs later. They did bring her a pillow and sheet to put under her, which she could maneuver onto. I’m a little embarrassed to say that my protective sister-in-law claws might have showed themselves.

Once she got back to the pre-surgery room with a few pain helpers, things started moving more quickly and she got into surgery about 20 minutes early. I waited, keeping the essential people updated by texts. I finally got up to her room and oh my, what a different person I met there. Chipper, joking, not quite ready to hop up but such a change!! The surgeon informed me that everything went really well!

Here’s what they took out. I know, it’s not a good shot. I don’t care- blech! I just took the picture because I knew my sister would want to see it. All the vet friends of Denise’s who came to visit her thought it was neat, too.

Denise's Souvenir

After a nice overnight stay, we prepared for home. She took a wheelchair ride down to the curbside. A wheelchair ride! Sitting!! Then 15 miles home. In her truck! Sitting!!! She was tired and rested but later we took a little stroll down to the lake 50 yards away and back and THEN to her mailbox, another 50 yards away and back! AND THEN… she sat and Skyped with co-workers and had supper!!!

Denise StandingDenise Sitting

We can only thank God for his healing touch through the surgeon’s hands. Because while this type of surgery is very common and one of the easiest back surgeries to do, it is only because God has created the human mind and gifted specific people to learn and to heal others.

She is restricted with her activities still but is looking forward to regaining her strength and full range of motion over the next couple of months. Hurray!


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