Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Tooth Story

Luke has been missing a tooth for the past three years. It had to be pulled by our dear dentist in a tragic episode worthy of a good horror flick. You know, the kind where the other patients in the waiting room turn green from hearing screams.

Luke has become accustomed to everyone asking what happened to his tooth. We narrowed it down to a pretty short version, "Dr. Overman pulled it out.", though lately he has taken to adding that it was very painful. This kid knows how to work the crowd.

A couple of months ago, we found that he had his first official loose tooth. We have two camps of what to do with newly found loose teeth. Audrey grabs onto it and just works and wiggles it until the poor tooth just gives up and falls out. Ben prefers the "it'll fall out when it falls out" method. Very little wiggling. Though I told Luke he could wiggle it and make it fall out faster, I didn't push it. I'm dealing with a kid who's dentist visits rate about 3 out of 4 for a good time. I'm not going to add to his dental trauma if I can help it.

But the day came when that baby tooth was so loose it had to come out. Bill was home and I made let him lead the tooth removal. Bill inspected the loose tooth and announced to Luke that he needed to take his tongue and push back on the tooth.

Voila! That was it!

Now he has a new missing tooth story!!

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