Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Abuse Instagram

That's right. 

I took a picture of this recipe and posted it to Instagram. I said that I love any recipe that calls for catsup because it reminds me of my grandma. That's what she would call it- "Catsup" with the emphasis on the "cat-sup". (I don't call my ketchup catsup; it's ketchup.)

My 14 year old daughter noticed me doing so and exclaimed I shouldn't do take that picture- it was abusing Instagram!!

To which I remarked that taking a picture of a one's self beside a telephone booth must not be abusing IG. 

"No", she said, "because I was re-creating a picture!"

So the moral of this story is that if you take a picture that reminds you of something nostalgic, such as the way your grandmother said catsup, and not of something current, such as the latest boy band infatuation, you are probably abusing Instagram. 

You would know this if you had a teen in your home.

Here, you can borrow mine. 


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