Friday, June 7, 2013

Get Your Run On For Adoption

I want to let you know about the upcoming Kaelman Race at the end of the month. Just like last year, it is for raising funds for adoptions. They have had tremendous success with distributing the funds raised from last year and are hoping for an even better turn out this year so they can help more families.

So what do you say? Are you busy June 29th? 

Not a runner, eh? No prob (I would say no sweat, but you might still sweat a little), you can walk. Really. I saw my neighbor there last year and all she does is walk. 

Just starting that Couch to 5K plan? Super. Make race day part of your training. Do your run/walk combo and then see how you feel and keep going. 

I'm gonna be there. Lots of people will be there. Micah and Amanda might even be there with Miracle in their heart.

Ok, now that you've decided to come, go to and get all the information you need to register. 

See you there!


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