Monday, June 10, 2013

On Running...My Upcoming Races

I said I would write about all things running so here it is. 

I'm still running. The end.

Just kidding about the end part. 

Truth be told, when I said I would write about running, I had ideas of what I would write. Then I didn't write it right away and now that I'm sitting here forcing out something, I've forgotten what stuff I felt like I must share with you. Let's see how this ends up going. 

Winter training is always difficult. For the last two winters, I've found that if I pick a goal race, I'm more likely to stick with a plan that keeps me from excessive comfort food eating and keeps me warm during those cold months. This year I eyed the Zumbro 100. It's a hundred mile race in the same area the rest of the family has gone riding at. From the moment Bill described the trails and showed me pictures, I've always had a longing to run there. They always hold the 100 mile race and a 50 mile race but this year for the first time, they offered a one loop race, which is 17 miles. That would be my farthest distance and definitely over the most difficult terrain I've ever run (although Bill said the running here was very similar) but I wanted to give it a try. I've followed a few Twitter chats on trail and ultra running and knew I just needed to take a plunge and go for it. So I was going to until I found out it was the same weekend as Audrey's musical. No race for me.

So I spied the Superior Hiking Trail 25k and 50k spring race. I could do the 25k (15.5 miles). Ballard's graduation weekend. No go again. 

Even though there are plenty of races to choose from (pick any weekend and you can run a 5k somewhere in Iowa- Fitness Sports has the list), I want to try trail races. I loved Sugar Bottom last year and love Living History Farms even though that's its own sort of crazy race. I kept looking and finally found one- Pilot Knob 15k- the first weekend in May. WooHoo! Then on May 1st, it started snowing and snowing and snowing. The race director said the race would still be held despite the twelve inches of snow. You could run in snow shoes but no cross-country skis. I started contemplating exactly how I would run in that much snow. I have a pair of snow shoes but have never run in them more than a few steps so there was no way I was going to take on 9 miles. Then the race director heard from the park ranger that there was too much snow to make it safe to access the park and the race had to be delayed. Sigh.

I'll keep trying until I can race something. And if I get a chance, I'll let you know how it goes. In two weeks, I hope to run the Sugar Bottom 10k again. (I suppose I better check course conditions as we've had a ton of rain.) The week after that is the Kael Man run. You're coming, right? I'm cautiously eyeing a 25k trail race in October and a couple others sprinkled in there maybe.

Okay, so that's my race itinerary that may or may not happen. On to other running stuff tomorrow. Which do you want to hear first- gear or food?



  1. I'd like to know what shoes you like. I ran in New Balance for years and years, but a couple years ago I switched to Asics gels and I have loved them.

    1. That's usually the way it is with shoes. We find one we love and stick with it forever. I've heard many say they love the Asics gels.


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