Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching Up

Think I'll just dump a bunch of stuff today. Maybe I'll do the same tomorrow. Who knows?

School finished up last week for the year. I now have a sophomore, a 5th grader, and a 2nd grader. The sophomore part gets me the most. I've already had a panic attack about her graduation in 3 years. 

A real text between my sis and I (she's the white bubbles, I'm the blue bubbles).

My family gave me Photoshop Elements 11 for Mother's Day so my panicking can ease up a bit. I've yet to install it but plan to soon and when I do, I will be taking some online classes by Shoot Fly Shoot. (tell ya more later)

This year was the first class that had the most former students of mine. Throughout the years I've had a few here and there graduate but this was the first big chunk. It made me a little bit extra sad. I wish them all the luck in the world.

Since I don't teach anymore, my studio is sometimes the most depressing room in my house. I haven't done a thing in two years to weed out what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. It's in need of a serious makeover. I play here and there and advise Audrey on some of her playing. She also helps me turn pages for the elementary concert I accompany twice a year.

Soccer season for us is over. My favorite part is probably the swishy shorts, at least for the little kids. My favorite part for the big kids is trying not to get hit if the ball goes out of bounds. They kick hard!

We went to Bill's parents for Memorial Weekend. I haven't even looked at the pictures on the camera so I'll try to make that a separate post. It was a wet weekend but had enough dry spells so we could be outside. By the end of the weekend, Lucy was exhausted. And wet. And dirty. Girl needed a serious grooming.

So we took her to the groomer's yesterday and got her spiffied up. She now looks like our puppy again. We love her sleek look and pink bandana.

Today is National Running Day. I guess I'll go run. Tomorrow I'll write a post about all things running. (I can tell you're getting goosebumps in anticipation.)

Bill and I celebrated our 18th anniversary on Monday. We squeezed in casual supper after soccer and community band practice at Cafe Beaudelaire in Campustown. The we took a stroll around Lake Laverne and the Friley complex. 

Today is Bill's birthday. We love him lots!


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