Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garden Beginnings

We're on year two of our gardening adventures. I know some people spend all winter long planning which seeds to purchase and start and more. I didn't. I spent one day. I brushed up my notes from last year's garden and figured out a plan. 

The next day I headed to a local greenhouse to pick up the plant starts I needed and that evening the boys and I put them in.
Notice Luke balancing on the edge. I said they could do that as long as they didn't fall into the beds. So far so good.
Ben is helping me put in chicken wire for trellising the peas. We learned last year that even though the pea seed packet says they are bush peas they still need support.

Luke and I putting in lettuce and spinach seeds.

That's round one of this year's garden. Round two is me vs the rabbits. 

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  1. Hey, some of my pictures made it into the blog!


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