Friday, May 24, 2013

Jason Raines Riding Class

Bill and Ben had a full weekend of riding. First was the Woods Crossing races. Then on Sunday, there was free riding on the same grounds. They camped overnight so they could ride from dawn 'til dusk. There was also bike demos by Yamaha and both of the boys got to try out different sized bikes. Of course they went bigger- Ben tried an 85, which he could handle and Bill tried something also, but he said he liked his bike better for now. phew! Oh, that big John Wayne hill? Ben went up that!!

They were going to spend another night but a couple of things brought them back home- modern plumbing and the threat of big storms. (They were tent camping.) They were up early the next morning to go back down for a riding class.

If you're keeping track, the next morning really is Monday morning. A school day. So Ben missed school. I looked up the definition of hooky and it says an unexcused absence. Technically this isn't an unexcused absence as Ben was at school- riding school.

I can't give you all the details about who Jason Raines is. Bill's the expert and he's not here. What I can tell you is that he goes around the country giving riding classes that are usually two days, instead of one. He sponsored by Yamaha. His wife and kid (kids?) come with him. (I didn't get to see them and that's ok but I would have loved to, you know, just to talk rider's wife to rider's wife. Plus, I have laundry questions.) Bill has been following his online stuff for a while and when this opportunity came, he didn't want to miss it. 

I pulled Luke from school early that day and we went down to watch them for a while. This is what I think happened all day long. Jason would talk and explain some certain aspect of riding, then demonstrate it, and then the riders would have a chance to practice it while Jason watched and gave feedback.

Among the 10 or so riders, Ben was the only little guy there. I guess he has ultra cool parents. It didn't matter really as there were all levels of ability. Ben hung right in there with them the whole time.  

Jason giving Ben feedback.

Depending on how well you were doing with the skill, Jason would give you thumbs up, down or a so-so.

Can you spot my little guy?

Jason demonstrating turning several corners (elbows up, forward in the seat, leaning and probably some braking- perhaps rear brake?)

After a while, they took off and climbed up the hill that winds behind the house I showed you yesterday. Luke and I followed after them on our feet. It was so gorgeous out and the view so spectacular that even Luke said, "Mom, take a picture." This is straight out of the camera- no tweaking!! I could have a day like that every single day. (Ben could ride every single day.)

Luke found some shade while we watched the riders. 

This is rut turning. Don't know much except you should put your inside leg out straight and that Bill said Ben showed him up here. 

Jason: "Bill, your son showed you up in that last skill."

Bill: "Awesome!"

Just kidding. I have no idea what Jason said to them. 

Luke took the next four pictures.

Here I am learning how to ride through a straight rut.  #1 rule- look at the end of the rut. 

Then Luke and I headed back to the van. We took a different route which was shorter, i.e. steeper, and had a little bit of a mud slide. Luke wanted to show you what my shoes looked like. Then I spent the next fifteen minutes scraping both pairs of our shoes.

They finished off the day by timing a couple of laps to see if they had improved from the morning's laps with the day's instructions. Every rider had improved. Good job, guys!

Class dismissed!! 

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  1. What a great day for Bill and Ben to share! Learning doesn't just happen inside the classroom walls =)


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