Monday, May 20, 2013

His First Harescramble

You read that title right. Luke just ran his first hare scramble!!! 

Last week at Council Bluffs he told Bill he wanted to race but it was too late as we didn't bring anything for him to do so. But this week we were prepared.
I missed the start and haven't had a chance to look for any pictures from others but Luke told me he had a terrible start and was last off the line. I don't know if that's true. Bill told me he didn't fall down with the start and that's pretty important right there.

I'll let some pictures do the talking for a while.

Kids on 50s are the cutest! Everything is so little about them but they are tough and wanna ride fast. It's too much.

I asked Luke how his race went besides the start and he said he only crashed three times and he passed a rider when they went off course a little bit. He got stuck going over a log and one of the sweepers had to help him, too.

We had to wait until after the 65/85 race for the awards ceremony. The waiting just about did Luke in. In fact, we didn't even know how Luke did until Bill finally saw the results posted later. Good thing Luke stuck it out because he ended up placing fourth overall!! 

Aren't these two the cutest?! And they were chatting it up!
Besides the plaques, they got a hat, umbrella, grips and some various vouchers for more gear. 

Here, Terry, the race director, is interviewing Luke. Oh my heart was racing and my fingers were crossed. Who knew what he was going to say up there?! As it was, either the questions weren't all that great or Luke just didn't have enough time to get warmed up and going and the little question/answer session was over without any sort of incident.  

He's totally racing again!

Ben and Bill race results will be tomorrow. I thought Luke for his very first race should have his own post.


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