Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thanks For the Snow (in May)

One might think another post about snow would be ho-hum. That is, unless you remember that it's May!

Last week the weather here turned from tank top and shorts 70 degrees to cold, windy, wet and then snowy in a matter of three days. Tuesday was warm and beautiful and I went for a run in a tank top and shorts and the kids played outside all afternoon. Wednesday, the weather was about 50 degrees and rainy, so we stayed inside and played. Thursday, we had a two hour delay because of snow. I will repeat- in May we had a two-hour late school start because of snow! Wacko!

You can see some pictures of the snow that my friend, Angie, took. I didn't take any but literally you could not look outside and recognize that it was May except for the leaf buds poking through the snow!

More importantly, here's a story worth you taking time to go over and read. 

Before you curse the snow in May...know that the snow saved a life

How awesome is that? That is the Informed Choices Clinic I shared with you here.

Thanks for the snow in May, God. 


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