Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Riders

This past weekend Bill took Audrey and Ben up to Minnesota to ride the motorcycles with our friend Joe. The area is normally for horseback riding, but a couple times a year it is opened up to motorcycles. (no horses, of course)
They left Friday night and came home Sunday. Here are pictures and my captions from their weekend.
So they get there kind of late Friday night and have to set up the tent. In the dark. At least Bill had set up the brand new tent in our basement the night before so he kind of knew how the thing went together.
And after you've been driving til dark and setting up a tent in the dark, there is just nothing like building a campfire- after you hunt for sticks and make four attempts at lighting the damp wood.
The next morning was a sound check. I guess to make sure the bikes weren't too nosiy. This picture cracks me up because the bikes are seemingly arranged according to color. I can just hear them- "Alright folks, we may be borderin' on bein' redneck, but there just ain't no cause for color confusion." I might have liked the trip after all.

The area where they rode is really nice. Here's a shot of the campground. Trucks, trailers, campers, etc. And if you weren't riding, you had to be eating. Goodness gracious, the food I packed for those three!! Lunch meat, veggies, chips, rice krispy treats, brats, potato packets, homemade scones and more! You can just see Audrey and Ben in the lower corner- reading and eating. And no, that isn't our truck.

This is the sweaty head of my boy. He rode, and rode and rode. He ran out of gas at least two times in less than 48 hours. Anytime he can ride, he is in heaven. Bill said he thought Ben might just actually sleep with his motorcycle the way some kids fall asleep at Christmas with their arms around their favorite toy!
Bill- "This is the life, man! Miles of groomed trails, campfire, sweat and no cell phone range, so work can't get a hold of me. Now, if only my woman were here."
Audrey, on phone at a high lookout- "Hi, Mom. I miss you. I love you. Can you come here and make us food? Dad just dropped Ben's bratwurst in the fire and he burnt our grilled cheese sandwiches."
"I'd rather be riding than stopping at this dumb lookout."

Whoops. A little too far off road. Don't they look like the troopers from Star Wars "Return of the Jedi"?
"Use the Force, son, to get your bike out of the trees" Alas, young Ward apprentice's belief in the Force is too weak and Master Jedi Dad must do it for him.

This is fun!!


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