Sunday, May 30, 2010

Serving Men

Today marks Memorial Day. We remember those who have served and those who have fallen for our country. I am especially blessed for the men in my family who served in the arm forces. I'd like to tell you about. I do a terrible job of remembering exactly what branch and duty they served and it is not meant to be disrespectful, so I'll do my best and everyone can comment and fill me in on the specifics.

My Grandpa Juel served in World War II. I know he was in California. I know he always polished his boots because that put him in better standing with the officers. I think he helped run medical supplies.
My Uncle Bob served in the Vietnam War. I know he signed up right after high school instead of waiting to be recruited, which means he was 18. I know he went and came back with his best friend. I know he worked on the fighting planes. I know my mom, his sister, wrote letters to him on toilet paper. I know he saw things no one ever should see, especially when you 18. He doesn't talk too much about it. It's never glamorous in his eyes.
My Step-dad, Jerry, served in Vietnam. I know he worked on an air craft carrier. I know he learned how to crack 3 eggs in each hand at a time. I know he worked in the boiler room.
My Father-in-law, Bill, served in Vietnam. I know he guarded an air base. I know he worked the extra shifts no one else wanted because what else was there to do. I know he learned to hate green peppers while on duty. I know his dad, Bill, served in World War II.

 I know so very little about the duty of each of these men, yet I consider a few things. I think that war must make you hate war. I'm pretty sure that the term "friend" has no limit, no end during conflict. I'd say the thought process of sacrifice is checked at the door, when you sign the papers. 
I know that when these men die, they will receive a 21 gun salute and an American flag will be draped over their casket (and the grandpas have).
I know that I am thankful. You served for those you knew, those you didn't know, those you had met, those you were yet to meet and those who you will never meet.
Thank you.


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