Sunday, May 23, 2010

I-Cubs Fits Luke

After the recital, the fam went to an I -Cubs game. We went with the 3-M club and had a tasty meal and got free hats. We were going to get t-shirts, but they were all adult x-large, so never mind. Doesn't Luke look cute?

We got cozy under our winter coats, hats, mittens, and blankets. It was a pretty cold for our night game.

About the 8th inning, an I-Cubs guy comes up to Luke and asks him if he wants to answer the Honey Bee Trivia question. Huh? Well, Luke said yes and he got to go down, stand on top of the visiting teams's dugout. They asked the trivia question, and guess, what? Luke got the question right! Okay, they primed him. And his prize? An adult x-large t-shirt!! Now, there was this little girl sitting in front of us and she was all about Luke once he was famous. 

We had tuckered out kids after the game. Luke never took hat off the whole time. I tried to change him into his jammies when we got home, but he wouldn't let me take his hat off. As soon as I'd pull it up, he'd reach up and hold it down. 
 We had such a great time. Thanks, 3M and I-Cubs!


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