Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicken Update

I thought you might be interested in seeing what those sweet chicks have grown into. Not quite so sweet any more. You might want to start thinking along the lines of succulent now. They only have a few more weeks left and they are getting big. I did not take a picture of the next set of chickens that are three weeks behind, but the difference is quite noticeable.
I went out to Shelli's the other night to help put them to bed and Luke and Ariana came with me. Luke got to fill the feeders and Ariana got to turn on and off the hose so I could fill the waterers. Then we went to look at Shelli's barn and while in the barn, I spotted an egg. I pulled Ariana over and asked her what she saw. She asked, "Is it an Easter egg?", because the egg was brown. Shelli let her take it home and Ariana was all ready to have her egg for breakfast the next morning.
The fund raising for the Bibles is moving along. The goal amount to raise is going to take a while as we hope to instill the value of giving to the jr. highers by having them give most of the money towards the Bibles. At this point, mostly, we'd love your prayers for our endeavors. And the chickens would like you to eat more beef! :)


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