Saturday, May 15, 2010

I get some of it from her

This is my other grandma, my dad's mom. Her name is Madeline. She is 91!! She wouldn't mind me telling you because if you talked to her (which takes a minimum hour on the phone), she would tell you. She would also tell you that she hates being slowed down by her age. Her hair is red and her spirit is red, too! In her hair, which she has done for her, she wears a net over it. The net has little colorful balls in it and no matter what age you are, you notice them. I will always remember them. When we would visit Grandma on her farm, she would wrap masking tape around the little glass jelly jars she used for drinking water. She didn't want them to slip out of our hands and break. She also had an electric organ and would play for us the song that goes: 5 foot 2, eyes of blue, oh those blue eyes what they can do, has anybody seen my girl. We loved it. I tried to play it, but never could figure it out. Then she would let us play her organ, which thinking about it now, is amazing, because this grandma never really let us get all out of control. But there we would sit, flipping all the levers, running the feet bars and making all kinds of noise.
Grandma is very meticulous, very thorough, very organized. I get it from her. She can pack an elephant in a closet and still have room leftover. She is even now, still organizing. Just recently she was looking for replacement pages to a recipe binder she received as a wedding gift. I tried to say Uh, Grandma? They probably don't make those anymore. But she will not have it. They must be out there somewhere! Where there's a will, there's a way.
Using that red hair power, she has managed to track down and write at least two complete family genealogies traveling from here to there. In her younger days, she raised chickens and baked cakes for money. She made my brother, sister and I a teddy bear cake for our 1st birthdays, which we promptly all grabbed the white buttons off of and ate. She has this laugh that kind of bursts out AHH, hahahaha! I'm developing my own version of it, I think. (I've listened to myself.)
At Christmastime, she unwraps each gift very carefully because she does not want to rip the paper that's been taped. Oh, how it drives us nuts!! But then, she has made walnut salad, or something like it and everybody is happy. She brings it in the same bowl everytime, though I must confess that I've never tasted it! Jill, Jane, anybody from my family, what does it taste like? Grandma is an excellent cook and she passed those skills on to her 2 sons and 1 daughter and our family reunions have the best food. I am very glad about that!
Grandma is amused by the antics of her great-grandchildren as they play with her old toys that my dad and my siblings and I played with at her feet. And one day I happened to notice her feet and discovered that it is from her that I get my "dainty ankles" as a friend put it.
This grandma I love. How can I not? God gave her to me by way of her son. She made sure my dad knew about Jesus and passed her faith on to him and him to me. She cares for me, loves me. And I love her!

PS. She has never told me what she plans to do in heaven, like my other grandma expressed, but I can imagine it will be something to do with a genealogy. tee hee- that's going to take a while!


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