Thursday, May 20, 2010

What it takes to be a MIL

This is my mother-in-law, Laura. Laura Lee to some, but Mom to her two sons and their wives, her daughter and Grandma to 5. Pretty much that's all it takes.
Oh, well that really wouldn't be doing justice to this wonderful woman I love, so I'll go on...
Well, I met her for the first time at her son's graduation from undergrad. We went to Hickory Park for supper. She was nice. Later, I threw up from the nerves of meeting Bill's parents for the first time. (She doesn't know that and it isn't it all related to how wonderful she is and didn't affect our relationship. Well, at least not up to this point.)
Then I spent the night at her house and ate cinnamon rolls from the wrong pan. The pan that she had made to send to her daughter in college out of state.
I chose not to order salad at Hickory Park anymore and made sure I waited for the rest of the family before sneaking a cinnamon roll. She forgave me for all of that.
After that, we pretty much hit it off.
Then we went shopping for flowers for my bridal shower. She showed me how to make a piecrust, angel food cake and 7-minute frosting and how to can green beans and make homemade applesauce.
She is lovely. She has the nicest complexion. But her true beauty is inside. She loves the Lord and she has a gentle spirit. Seriously, I have hardly ever seen her lose her cool. And let me tell you, she is juggling a lot sometimes. Being a farmer's wife is way more than just chief cook and bottle washer.
She loves to bake cookies and rice kripsy treats with her grandkids. She makes baby blankets. She manages an ever expanding garden. She is first to give out hugs and kisses when someone has an owie. She is tender that way.
Her love language is words of encouragement. Mom, you have loved your family truely, deeply and respectfully and I want you to know, it means all the world to me.  

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  1. Mindy, Did she teach you how to butcher chickens yet? Or do you manage to conveniently skip that family get-together? It should be a must do for every Ward family member!


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