Monday, December 2, 2013

Aunt Denise Gets Married, Part 3

It's 2:00 on the dot. 
The ushers/groomsmen have seated all the guests and the groom is excitedly awaiting his bride. I'm not sure exactly how excited he was because I barely saw him that morning and I'm thinking Roy didn't see Denise either and since these two were inseparable at the rehearsal, I mean to the point that Denise's Uncle Don, who's a pastor, could have married them that night and they would have been just as much happy, and given the fact that they counted down the weeks, days, hours and minutes publicly on Facebook, I guess it's pretty safe to say, Roy was excited. (Also, I'm terribly sorry for that awfully long run on sentence. I just felt it all needed to be said in one sentence whether grammatically or punctually correct.)

The parents have each lit their respective child's single candle.

And the ring bearer and the flower girl have each made it down the aisle with no calamities. 

I'm showing you the wedding pictures Audrey took. There isn't much difference between standing and singing (All in All), standing and praying, standing and hearing the wedding message (very good, including some knot tying), standing and repeating vows and standing. Here, however they are standing and lighting the unity candle.

At some point, after the singing, knot tying, candle lighting and vow saying, it was time for Luke's big job. He stepped up, was given the rings from the best man and matron of honor...

Brought the pillow forward to the bride and groom...

And stepped back to his spot. He did well the entire time though his shoes were tight and bothered him quite a bit and he quietly wiggled around trying to make them more comfortable. It brings no comfort to an eight year old when all the men tell you that rental shoes are always that way and there's nothing to do but grin and bear it. 

Okay, you missed it but a kiss to place in between the rings and Denise receiving her flowers from Tia. I promise you, they kissed.

Luke and the flower girl are almost done except for getting back up the aisle together. Even though they rehearsed it the night before it, they had a little bit of a time getting their arms linked correctly. Made for more cute stuff.

Roy and Denise dismissed their guests themselves and we hung out until it was time for group pictures. First it was in the back of the church and then we went back into the sanctuary where we let Luke take off those shoes. 

And inspect the flower basket.

They reassembled themselves for formal pictures though.

I think I stopped Audrey from taking pictures of everything the photographer was taking (mostly because I hated that from my own wedding and it slows down the photographer) but she did capture this one. Of course, Tia and I are missing but here's the last link to the family. Yes, the little links are missing too and hopefully some future little links will come along... uh, I'm going to stop with the link thing.

You've seen Luke plenty and Jabin from the rehearsal and just to let you know, both Jabin and Ben were at the wedding as well.

Ben enjoyed the day when he could stay out the camera's way and hang with Jabin. 

I think Audrey caught him just as he looked at the camera.

Yup. He's outta there.

Time for cake! 

They are all happy and smiley because they're married and it's cake time.

And it's stuff it in your new bride's/groom's face time.

This is just a coincidental shot but it is literally my favorite shot of their entire wedding. I think words would fail to do it justice.

The entwined arms punch drinking thing is much less dramatic.

Denise and Roy put together a crossword puzzle about themselves for guests to fill in while waiting.  

It was a small wedding, which is fine of course, but it does mean the bouquet and garter crowd is a little thin. Here two single men and two boys (single) were gathered to catch the garter. You can tell the men didn't make a dash for it and instead my son ended up with it (to the great sorrow of the other little boy, who's parents picked him up and distracted him with something shiny).

The sun was starting to set and the horses needed to get home, so the bride and groom left to bubbles and cheers and well wishes.

And someone yelling "Kiss Her!"

 Roy and Denise left for their honeymoon and I have no pictures of that. 

I think 95% of these pictures were taken by Audrey. She took many more and I simply can't share them all. 

More than anything, we are all very happy for our Aunt Denise and our new Uncle Roy!!

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