Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Shocking

It is shocking how a word from a loved one will undo me. Cutting me to the quick is not what I have in mind. It is the self beating up that I inflict upon myself. It is the "You're a screw up." mentality. It is the "You're the one messed up. You're sin is too great and all the fault lies with you." banter that afflicts my thoughts and leaves me sleepless, causing me to run away. 

It singles me out and it's me in one corner and the truth in the other.

Sometimes I can't handle the truth.

And sometimes I refuse to handle the truth.

But here's what I refuse to believe anymore. That very lie.

That I fall outside of where grace abounds.
But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. Romans 5:20 

It may be my favorite of all time. Grace abounds.

That kind of truth is for me. 

This may be the most unsettling Christmas greeting. The most unwelcoming New Year's tiding. But where is the scene of the selfish innkeepers and townspeople of Bethlehem who refused room to a very in-need woman in the height of labor? Who takes a selfish fit selfie in the middle of "Prepare Him Room" season? No. No one shows that.

Grace Abounds

Do you know what happened when those grubby, smelly shepherds saw the most spectacular thing in the skies above them and heard the most outrageous news of their lives? I mean, were they prepared for that kind of announcement? They ran to Him and they adored Him and no one would have pegged them for being the O Come All ye Faithful type. And there I stood, stock stubborn with no gifts that I wasn't going to give Him on bended knee.

 "…and this is the marvel of marvels, that he called me Beloved…"*

Grace Abounds

It's shocking how a word from a loved one will undo me.

*from The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis 


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