Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Run Chat Hunt Photos

Every year I look for ways to keep myself moving during the cold winter. Sometimes knowing I have a race in a couple of months isn't enough to make me layer up and get outside. This year, however, it looks like I may have a two part plan. The first part being a photo scavenger hunt sponsored by The Run Chat on Twitter. Find all these items listed, take a picture and tweet them using #RunChatHunt and be entered to win some prizes. Check out the list of items and see how I did. (I posted these through Instagram)

Did you notice in the last two photos what was on my feet? Snowshoes! I ran in them.
This is the second part of my two part plan. I ran across an article about snowshoe racing and found one in Cedar Falls on February 1. It's part of the the Winter Iowa Games and it sounded like fun. I already had snowshoes so all I had to do was run in them. I'm smiling in these pictures but let me tell you, that was a little harder than I expected. Fun but hard. 

One thing I learned is that I had to find my items early in my run because my phone would often shut off all the way because of the cold. Those sunny photos? Sunny and freezing! Windchills below zero and eyelashcicles or eye-cicles. If it hadn't been for this scavenger hunt, getting out the door would have been a lot tougher this past month. (Hope I win a prize!)

How are you keeping moving this winter? What's motivating you? Wanna join me snowshoeing? 


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