Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming, Soccer, and a Bigger Bike

This past weekend was Ballard's Homecoming. The football game was Friday night and the dance was Saturday night. Having a dance on Saturday night instead of Friday night like it was when I was in high school was nice because I didn't possess the skills to turn cheerleader hair into dance hair very well or quickly. But this isn't about me.

Bill and I met up with Audrey and her boyfriend and another couple for pictures late Saturday afternoon. First we took the good standard group and couples pictures. 

And then we took the artistic pictures. The girls found the ideas (Pinterest) and brought the props and assumed that their parents are professional photographers and restrain their abilities during the rest of the year only to pull them out for Homecoming and prom and such other momentous occasions. 

To get this shot required going all manual on the camera. I had to hand it over to the guy who took photography in 4-H as a kid for this. 

Then there were the soccer ball shots. Audrey's friend's mom took these (lucky her). Literally the hardest part was the girls balancing on the ball. 

It was a good thing the boys had brought the soccer balls because they could mess around with them while the girls played with glitter. Again, Bill took these shots.

We need more glitter.

Even more glitter!

*cough, cough* That's enough glitter.

Oh my word, Pinterest. Stop!! (Just ignore my own photography board, okay?)

Ben and Luke are both in club soccer this Fall. Ben plays for the U12 team and Luke for the U10. They are up against some tougher competition this year and are learning how much ball control, field position, and team work means. Its good for all of us.

Wait a second! I recognize that ref out there. Why it's my niece, Cora! She did a great job keeping the game in line. 

I don't have many pictures of Luke playing yet. Although this is his first year playing, he's getting in there and proving he might be a good little defender. 

Another new thing for Luke is getting on a bigger bike. He loves his Yamaha TTR 50 but its time to move up. 

Bill pulls out the 65 and explains the clutch and how this bike is going to feel compared to the TTR. The bike looks big and scary and Luke is not excited. It takes quite a bit of convincing that he can do this.

He is not all smiles about this bigger bike yet Luke is showing some determination in wanting to do it all himself. Each times he rides, he admits he likes it a little bit more than before. Time to celebrate with his own number plates. Any guesses as to what his number will be?


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